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picture of the week [7]


We made it, friends! Friday at last. As soon as this post hits the web, I’m off to CT again for another weekend with my family. Raven has to work so he won’t be joining, but I’ll have my hands full with my two nephews (and access to my sister’s pool!), so I’m not complaining. Hoping to run into a field like the one in this picture. You can take the girl out of the burbs, but you can’t take the burbs out of the girl…

Have a great one, and here’s some awesome links from this week:

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Subtly sexy shirt.

Sweet watercolor painting (cacti are everywhere!).

We need these in the US!

I’ve got my eye on this for a double duty cover up / date night dress.

image via Ashley Caroline Photography.

styled engagement shoot

Last month, on a rainy Friday, Ashley and I had the time of our lives shooting Alex and Evan, one of the most beautiful, friendly couples I have ever met (not to mention GENEROUS…I’ll get to that in a moment).

Ashley and I have had a blast working on shoots for LRW, and it was a light bulb moment when we had the idea to start working together. As a wedding and engagement photographer, Ashley constantly gets questions from couples about what to wear for their shoot, so it’s almost natural to have a stylist available to consult as questions arise.

Enter Alex and Evan. Two adorable people that combine to make a saccharine sweet duo. They’re getting married in October and agreed to be my guinea pigs for the shoot. THANK YOU ALEX AND EVAN!

If you read LRW regularly, you probably saw a couple private posts in May that we accessible only via password. Now I can finally show you what I was working on!

Behold, A&E’s outfit moodboards:

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 1.26.54 PM

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 1.27.07 PM



SO, these might look a little all over the place to you, but they were very specifically based around an initial email exchange I had with Alex and Evan. I asked them what they like to wear, what their favorite pieces are, what they wanted to achieve with the shoot, etc.

In the end, A&E spent next to nothing on new clothing, and I’m thrilled to show off what we achieved:

With the first look, we truly wanted to show A&E’s style. From my first email with them, they both expressed love for Chucks. That was all I needed to hear; I could picture Ashley capturing some adorable shots of their matching shoes  - and I wasn’t wrong.


Alex’s favorite color is mint, so we added a blazer in that color and paired it with a wispy blouse and her favorite jeans. I love the unexpected (I use that word a lot but it’s true!) black cherry nail polish; it draws attention to her gorgeous sparkler.


Her statement necklace was borrowed from a friend and brought the entire outfit together.


My absolute favorite shot of the day!

For Evan, we wanted to show off his love for v-neck tees. The grey here is a welcome neutral that works with Alex’s outfit and puts the focus on them as a couple.

For the second look, we wanted to go off book and push the boundaries a little bit. At first, Ashley was a little concerned that the plaid pattern and the striped blazer wouldn’t match, but I pushed for it and in the end we were both very pleased.



The blues in their tops are the same, and the large amount of white in Alex’s blazer evens out the look so the tops aren’t competing. Also, we like a little clashing now and again! This is the way to do it.


Alex was such a trooper, she let me tie this scarf around her for 10 minutes, trying every way I knew. We tried a hair tuck, and I think she looks so sweet.







It was a magical day, and I had the best time with these two, not to mention how wonderful it was to work with Ashley again.

I’m excited to announce (if you haven’t seen my fb posts!) that Ashley is now offering my styling services as part of her engagement packages! I would love to meet you and your fiancé, boyfriend or girlfriend and assist you with your shoot! If you’re interested, you can email me at littleredswell [at] gmail [dot] com!

Thanks for stopping by!

venue: Keeler Tavern

all photos courtesy of Ashley Caroline Photography.

finder’s keepers


Rag & Bone Jeans  / Rag & Bone Boots / ASOS top (similar style here) / Burberry jean jacket (old, similar here) / Sea & Cake necklace


Friends, have a wonderful day :)


all images via Ashley Caroline Photography.


knock knock


J. Crew shirt / Hudson Jeans (similar here)/ Rag & Bone booties / Giles & Brother Bracelet 

I like to pretend that I live in that brownstone. How cool would it be to live smack dab in the middle of the West Village, in a house? As Always, Ashley and I had a blast shooting together last week. I’m usually really self conscious about my appearance (aren’t we all?) but she makes me feel really comfortable and doesn’t laugh when I try to channel my inner Kate Moss. Thanks, Ash!


all images courtesy of Ashley Caroline Photography.


dirt road

At long last, the final pictures from my shoot with the lovely Ashley of Ashley Caroline photography!!





Faux Fur Scarf: ASOS (old, this is kind of cool) / Denim Shirt: Gap (similar option here) / Jeans: Rag and Bone (these are on sale!) / Necklace: Gift from my sister (similar here) / Hat: Borrowed from my beautiful friend Vicki  (see this post  for similar style) / Boots: Aldo (similar here)











A huge thank you to Ashley, again, for this incredible experience.  I’m begging you all, HIRE HER!  She has the most free, open spirit and is so fun to work with (and also she’s just generally an awesome human being).



That’s all, folks!


All images by Ashley Caroline Photography

telling stories: an experiment with ashley caroline photography

Back when a landline was necessary, I would make calls to my best friend Ashley from my parents’ bedroom.  We would plan to meet up in the woods, on the path halfway between our houses.

There was this one scary part of the woods that was a dark tunnel of branches.  I can see it like it was yesterday.  We would run through it as fast as we could- that was about halfway- and continue on, sometimes stopping to explore, sometimes detouring, always, always laughing.

I can’t believe that was almost 20 years ago, but the good news is…old habits die hard.  Ashley, who is a very successful wedding photographer and owner of Ashley Caroline Photography, contacted me a couple months ago about meeting up for a lifestyle / fashion photoshoot.  I think I said yes before her fingers finished typing.

Well, we made it happen this weekend with plenty of exploring, detouring and tons of laughter…here are the results.



Sources: Free People Lou Buttondown Dress / Scarf made by my lovely sister in law (email me if you would like her contact info!) / Wolford tights / Belt on permanent loan from my sister (similar here) / Pedro Garcia boots (sold out- I got them when they were 50% off) / Hunter Boots borrowed from Ashley’s sister / Hat borrowed from my impossibly stylish friend Vicki (similar here) / Soo Ihn Kim Bracelet (old) / Marcia Moran Druzy Ring (similar here)




While I tried my best to smize, Ashley used glass to create some incredible images…





You didn’t think we would leave Charlie out, did you?  Master of the Smize…


Okay that’s a lie.  Charlie was FREAKING OUT!  Friend does not handle new situations well, though you can’t tell by Ashley’s shots, and we were fortunate to have the most handsome dog wrangler on hand (thanks, Raven!).



I’m in love with the above shots.  Ashley’s pictures read like a novel- I swear I can picture the entire story about that girl in the plaid dress with the lace blanket.


Taking pictures on the rocks was amazing.  We were freezing, the wind was whipping and I felt like the ocean was going to swallow us up.  Again, you would never know it from these pictures…




This last picture makes me want to cry!  Ashley, you are a true artist and I cannot wait to watch your career blossom and grow.

If you’re interested in hiring Ashley, please visit her website here (and check out her recap of our shoot here!).

And please check back over the next couple weeks, I’ll be recapping the other outfits!  Hope you’ve enjoyed :)


images by Ashley Caroline Photography


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