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picture of the week [10]


This week inadvertently turned into travel week, so I had to finish it up with a beautiful picture of Costa Rica! Raven and I are getting so excited for the trip, it’s all we’ve been talking about. Today, I’m getting a gel manicure at this place, which my friend recommended. Any fun ideas for the manicure?  I haven’t decided whether or not I’ll be posting next week, but I’ll be sure to Instagram some pictures, so please follow along! What are you up to this weekend? I hope you have a wonderful one, and here are a few of my favorite links this week:

Affordable summer wines.

Kerry Washington is perfect.

Another shopping app. Hmm.

Advice for getting paid as a creative.

How sexy is this dress? (eco friendly clothing line!)

A series of photographs depicting anxiety. I thought this was awesome.

I want to get my hands on a few of these tees.

How to buy art.



image via.

the ultimate packing list

As I’ve mentioned, Raven and I leave for Costa Rica on SUNDAY! We are so excited, especially with what was a very scary passport snafu behind us!

In deciding what to pack for this trip, I wanted to reduce the pieces I bring and just bring better things, and I wanted to share my list with you!

Hope you enjoy!



1. Cozy Workout Wear – Raven and I plan on taking a hike and attending yoga class, so I’m bringing a workout shirt and pants with me. My feet always get cold on planes, so I’ll wear my sneaks during the flight.

2. Classic every day outfits – I plan on spending 95% of the trip in my bathing suit, but for lunches / exploring, etc, I’m bringing one classic tee / one graphic tee, and 2 pairs of jean shorts. Bandana is for sunny days / sweaty brow / looking good in general.

3. I wish I could pack this little guy. He hopped up while I was shooting this and I didn’t have the heart to make him get down.

4. Turkish Towel – I’m so excited about bringing this to the pool and the beach, and will be using it to keep warm on the plane!

5. Tieks! Paramount for comfort, I’ll put these on when we land / where them around the resort. They’re great for walking and look how nicely they fold up!

6. Bikini – I only have one, so this year I sprang and purchased one by Norma Kamali, which is the epitome of classic, and is super flattering.

7. Sandals – I’m sure I’ll dress up for dinner one night, and I’ll wear these when I do. Aren’t they the perfect summer sandal? (not pictured- Birks!)

8. Fancy Dinner Outfit – I’m on the fence as to whether or not I bring a dress on this trip. These flowy pants from target and simple backless tank would be the perfect amount of sexy, but part of me wants to bring a dress. We’ll see!

9. Unmentionables – I’m bringing one nude strapless, one lacy bralette, and the best thongs. I put them all in a zippered pouch for travel, then put the dirty pairs back in the pouch over the course of the trip.

Aside from the above, I’ll be bringing the following:

- Sunblock

- Bronzer

- Eyeliner

- Creamy Lipstick

- Moroccan Oil

- Antibiotics, Benadryl and Tylenol (I’m insane but you never know!)

- Hand Sanitizer

- Snacks to bring to the beach

I’m so excited! Oh, and I dyed my hair…check it out!


It’s definitely crazy bright and will take some getting used to but I love it. What do you think?

Happy Thursday! xoxo

vacation’s all i ever wanted


dress // hat // tote // sandals // scarf

This weather is killin’ me! Actually, it’s kind of cozy, and it’s making me so thankful that Raven are escaping to warmer climes on Sunday. I can’t stop thinking about our upcoming trip, and as I was wandering the web this morning, mentally making note of all the cute pieces I don’t have for my trip, I realized it’s been a while since I put together a moodboard for you all!

Doesn’t this dress just look like a big hug? It’s one of those multi-use items in your suitcase; from cover up to dinner dress, it’s perfect (also let’s be honest – nightgown). I’m not a fan of hats at the beach, which is silly because I’m essentially allergic to the sun, but I thought this hat was different in the sweetest way.

Tell me, what are your vacation wishes? I’ll be back tomorrow with my packing list and tips…looking forward to seeing you then!


what’s in a name?


Lately a lot of folks have asked me, “What does Little Red’s Well mean?”

So I thought I’d lay it all out for you to share, and then once the new website (so so soon!) is up and running, I’ll include this in the about page!

If you remember correctly, my good friend Courtney pushed me to start a blog when I told her how much I wanted to do it (but didn’t know how and was terrified, etc). We decided to do it together, and a conversation about what to call the blog was had. By the way…if you need to feel motivated about your own creative path in some way, please hire Courtney to help you. I always say to people that if you give her 5 minutes she’ll convince you to start a business. She’s great at what she does. Anyway, onto the name. We decided to make this blog a lifestyle blog, and Courtney brought up a beautiful metaphor; that each of us has a well of inspiration that needs to be filled up, in order for us to be fulfilled. We were hoping that the blog we created would be a place where people could fill up their well, every day. Once she mentioned that metaphor, I had a pretty image of a woman in a beautiful red cape in the middle of the woods, peering into this moss-covered stone well. Little Red’s Well! There you have it.

Is it because of my red hair? Sure! I mean, I dye it but I do like to consider myself an honorary redhead.

Am I Little Red? I don’t know! I don’t think so? I’m Allie, and I’m a stylist, and I write this blog that I love. So the blog is little red…or maybe you all are little red! I think the point is…it’s up for interpretation. :)

Either way, I hope you all enjoy the content here, in my little corner of the internet, because I sure love writing it!


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style philosophy

Morning, friends! I hope your weekend was fantastic. I’m still in CT at my parents’ house; I was too tired to drive home last night and it feels so good to wake up and see green everywhere. I just took Charlie outside and the sun was peeking through the leaves and I could hear only the sounds of the burbs. Can you tell I’m in love??

The past few weeks have been busy in the best way, and I’ve been finding myself mentioning the same things to clients over and over – which got me thinking about my philosophy of dress. Here are the 3 issues I hear most from clients, and I’ve outlined my advice here for you guys!


1. “Does it match?” Don’t worry about it. I always tell clients that everything matches. While that’s not exactly true, it helps get the idea across that anything can work if you think about it the right way. Black and blue, silver and gold, plaid with florals- these looks are all over the internet (along with other non-matchy looks) and are awesome if you gather the gusto to rock them.


2. “I don’t know how to wear this.” Play dress up! No, seriously. Reserve all judgement about your appearance and start to pair everything and anything with the piece in question. After a while, you may come across something that works (a belt,  different shoes, pants, no pants, etc). Just go with it – take it to date night or out with friends! The worst thing that could happen is that you decide you need to revisit your closet.


3. “I never wear that, but I love it.” I always ask my client – have you worn this in the past month? Have you worn this in the past year? If the answer is no, you may want to consider selling it or donating it. I know as well as anyone that holding onto pieces I don’t wear does nothing except take up room in my closet!

What do you guys think of my advice? What’s your style philosophy? xoxo


image 1, 2, 3.

picture of the week [9]



Happy FRIDAY! I’m excited to share a little preview of my shoot with Victoria Gloria and The Local Vault, above (more to come later!). I had such a blast on this shoot, it really was a pinch me moment. What are you guys up to this weekend? I have a fun shoot planned for tomorrow, and am watching my nephews in CT on Sunday. Raven and I leave for Costa Rica in ONE WEEK! Have a great one guys, and as always, here are some fun links:

Primetime premiere dates. This is necessary.

How to walk in heels. I’m going to try number 1.

Voting on workplace thermostat. For my friend, Lexie.

What type of birth control do you use? (psst – we only use condoms!)

What a sexy dress! With a blazer over it, it’s work appropriate as well.

Free workouts with Amazon Prime! Ballet Beautiful is my favorite.

This is such a cool way to keep track of time.

I’m dyeing my hair really light red next week, what do you guys think of this?



image via Victoria Gloria Photography.

uber comfortable work wear

I’m not a fan of the phrase “no pain, no gain” with regards to outfit choices. I believe that we should be comfortable all the time – especially while working! I once visited a real estate client at her place of work, Goldman Sachs, to pick something up for her lease. She was dressed in a beautiful, work appropriate black dress and sky high stilettos. I remember thinking I didn’t actually believe that people wore outfits like that to work!

Don’t get me wrong, I kind of wish I had the guts to dress like that every day, but the truth is, I like to be comfortable. Most of my (incredibly talented :) friends have jobs that require them to move a lot – Event Planners, Actors, Photographers, and for them, comfort is paramount while working so they can concentrate on their art. So, this is my ode to them! Comfy work wear that looks good, ya’ll.




The brand Cuyana is a god send. Their philosophy is to make fewer things better, so essentially, really good quality clothing and accessories that last forever. Like this shirt. If you’re moving a lot, silk is lightweight and comfortable, and no sleeves means you can lift your arms without anything getting in the way.


Emerson Fry has classics with a twist, and I love the detail on the collar of this top. If you work in weddings or events in any way, your wardrobe has to consist mainly of black, so this works perfectly.


If you’ve been a longtime reader of LRW, you remember how much I love Wayf. This shirt is no exception. Loose fitting and flattering, I would put a nude or black cami underneath.


Another classic from Cuyana; a drapey sweater to layer when the temps drop.


If you’re moving around a lot, there’s nothing better than jogging pants, or as I like to call them, 90′s workout pants.


These from Zara come in grey also – I love the zipper at the ankle.


These palazzo pants are basically a skirt – perfect for when you need to go a little more fancy.


Love the print on these.



Don’t discount Juicy Couture. These are on sale!


Classic black. These have been my go-to for events, and I get endless compliments.


My photog friends rave abut these. So much that I think I’m going to have to add one to my closet soon.


Emerson Fry does it again. You have to be careful with this one – it could come off as really casual. Add a silk scarf,  a braided up-do, and some bright lipstick to get the correct message across.


Topshop is jumpsuit heaven, definitely check it out. I love this one, definitely formal enough.


Sometimes you just want to take it up a notch. Just a little notch.


The dress version of the aforementioned tank from Cuyana is perfect. If you’re photographing, wear some boy shorts underneath – black, so that people get what they’re for.


When I was working as an event planner, my feet took a beating. I never really found a shoe that had enough support and was pretty. Enter Tieks. My friend Ashley swears by them for weddings.


I just got a pair and I feel like a new woman. They’re incredible! Ashley prefers the soft leather, but I chose a vegan pair and they’re awesome. Oh, and they come in every color ever.


Before I found out about Tieks, I wore these constantly (still do). Yes, they cost a fortune, but they are worth every cent. They embody the word classic – they’re quintessential ballet flats and they’re definitely comfortable. Supportive? Meh, as much as any other flat (aside from Tieks!). But I recommend them wholeheartedly.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post – it was a blast to put together! I’m always on the lookout for comfy classics. Did I miss a brand / item that you love? Holler at me in the comments. xo!

four years


The first ever picture of me and Raven, August 2010.

Four years ago today was my first date with Raven. We count it as our anniversary because from that day on, we didn’t spend many apart. We had an insta-romance. Still do.

Raven massages my feet even when he’s tired, even though he hates it. Raven makes the best breakfast in the universe. Raven walks me to the bathroom of our 750 sq ft apartment in the middle of the night when I’m too scared to go alone. Raven has the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen. Raven calls me sweetie, not babe, because he’s a renegade like that. Raven comforted me for 2 years while I worked at a job I hated. He gave me rock solid support. Raven is actually the kindest soul in the world.

I don’t know what I would do without him; luckily, I don’t have to wonder. Love you, Raven!


top image by Kennedy Kanagawa, bottom image by Ashley Caroline photography.

get the look: transitional


I came across this lovely pin yesterday and it struck me that we need to start talking about transitional clothing. Clothes that take you from summer to fall. This is probably my favorite way to dress, because I love layers so much. I love this lightweight dress, here doing its job of keeping the wearer cool on a hot day. Picture it with some tights and boots this fall. Me likey. Here’s my take:


summer: hat // clutch // sandals

fall: scarf // bag // boots // tights (not pictured)

dress: option 1 // option 2

Those boots are at the top of my wish list.


image via.

FIVER: my summer essentials

Morning, friends! Hope your weekend was great! Mine was jam packed with a shoot, a wedding, and a closet makeover, so I’m definitely not complaining (sneak peeks can be found on FB and Instagram!). It’s Monday, it’s August, and it’s cool outside – is anyone else as excited about this as I am? I’m guessing not.

This summer I feel like I’ve got my uniform DOWN. I’ve been building up my wardrobe piece by piece and I wanted to share with you guys my summer essentials – items I wear daily that I can’t get enough of.



1. Great tees. I know I talk about great tee shirts all the time – but I can’t stress enough how much of a difference they make! Buy one a year, or hit a sale like I did and scoop up 3 or 4. Wear them with jeans, tucked in or out, a summery skirt, or as a coverup substitute.

2. Throw-on Denim. Getting ready should be all about ease, meaning, for me, whatever I can find on my floor most days. These boyfriend jean shorts have been on my person almost daily this summer. The cut is loose fitting and forgiving, while flattering. I’ve worn these to babysitting jobs, meetings, and date nights.

3. The comfiest bra in existence. Since I don’t really have boobs, I love wearing non-bras. Breathable, lightweight, and sexy peeking through a sheer tee. I encourage you to try these; even if you’ve got bigger boobs, these bras are perfect for vacations or trips to the beach.

4. Versatile Sandals. A pair you can throw on while wearing workout clothes, going to work, or a wedding. Again, it’s summer, we shouldn’t have to think too hard about what we put on our bodies.

5. Jewels. These days it seems, the tinier the better, and that’s alright with me. Take your time and choose pieces that you won’t get sick of. Just like Batman getting suited up, you have your jewels ready to go. Earrings, check. Bracelet, check. Awesome necklace, check. Ready to fight crime and basic folks.


Happy Monday, lovelies!


top image my own, gif via.

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