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FIVER: items to pull out of storage now

Well, so much for the chill in the air, yeah? It’s going to be in the 80s and 90s all week this week…I’m not thrilled, but, this is good opportunity to start thinking about the ways we can blend our summer and fall items in the most awesome way.  (Also good luck to everyone who started school today! I told the kids I babysit for that I finished ALL my school and it blew their mind.)

On a closet makeover last week (photos to come soon, it was…epic), we focused solely on summer stuff, and we briefly touched on pieces to start layering into my client’s existing summer wardrobe to take her to fall.

Listen, I know I’m talking a LOT about transitioning seasons. It’s just so satisfying to me, so bear with me.

If you live in NYC and your closet is the size of a large froyo container, here are 5 items to pull out of fall storage that you will definitely use for the next couple weeks:


1. Handbag: I’ve been wearing my fall handbag for weeks. Dark green seems so clearly autumnal, and yet, here I am, defiantly wearing it around town with white shorts. I’m being facetious when I say defiant, but it’s definitely more of a fall color. Who cares!? Bring out that black leather bag, trade in that cotton tote for a more structured piece. The time is now!


2.  Closed-Toe Shoes: Let’s do it. Our toes will thank us. Mine are looking ready to go into hibernation, and I see no need to deny them. Remember, there are no rules. Go ahead, wear suede booties with shorts, patent leather or metallic loafers with white pants. In fact, if you do, send me a pic, because respect.


3. Lightweight Button Down: Start the layering. Unabashedly. All of your offices are freezing – I know this. Silky top, button down. Me likey.


4. Plaid: Plaid is a year round endeavor for me, but I know there are those of us who pair it only with fall like pb&j. Bring it out, wear it with a mini skirt, tie it around your waist.


5. Outerwear: Ditch. The. Denim. Give it a little break. No more jean jackets. I want to see blazers! Vests! Give me give me.

Wow, I sound like a drug addict. It’s true, I need my fall fix. Please, friends, take some pictures this week and tag me @littleredswell because I want to see your beautiful outfits.


Have a fantastic holiday!


Hi from Litchfield County in good ol CT aka paradise. Raven and I just ate blueberry biscuits and we’re going to take Charlie out for a long walk. I’ll be adding snaps to my Instagram all say (little.reds.well) so please feel free to follow along! See you tomorrow! xoxo

picture of the week [12] + WINNER!


Morning friends!!! Raven and I slept with the window open last night! You feel that little chill, right!? Thank you Mother Nature, fall is (almost) upon us! Yes, I realize that in a week or two we’re going to have another heat wave, but for now I am reveling in the weather.

This weekend we’re headed to Raven’s Mom’s house for Labor Day (remember this post?). We’re going to be taking a lot of long walks, letting Charlie play in the creek, drinking wine, and cooking. What are you up to this weekend? Here are a couple of my favorite links from the week:

My brilliant friend Steph showed me this incredible website, Women In Clothes. Her entry is up there! Check it out because she’s one of the most incredible humans in existence.

These should come home with all of us. (15% off with code LABORDAY)

Speaking of sales, here’s a great roundup for the weekend.

In love with Charlotte Ronson’s home.

My skin is loving this line (worth every penny).

One of my favorite episodes of This American Life, this had me cracking up in the car yesterday. If you’ve ever been in sales, this will strike a chord with you.

And here are some more pictures of Costa Rica :) I highly recommend the Andaz if you’re planning a trip. The service was beyond and the resort was paradise.







AND NOW… the winner of a CLOSET MAKEOVER by yours truly:


Congrats! I’ll be emailing you shortly so we can set-up our session. For the rest of you who entered, I want to work with all of you so I’m offering 50% off of my services. Get in touch with me in the next week and we can chat rates :)


i’ve got my new boots on

Wow! I need to do giveaways more often! I am feeling the love, and it feels really nice. I’m so pumped to work with the winner on their closet! Don’t forget, you have until tomorrow morning to enter the giveaway. Game on.

How important is your shoe closet (I use the term ‘closet’ loosely)? Mine is pretty precious to me; like we’ve talked about before, shoes kind of make or break your experience when in NYC, if only because of comfort. It tickles me when fall rolls around and everyone I know is talking about boots, for I share their love of boots. I had this pair of boots in college that I wore to shreds – I would still wear them if they were in decent condition – and I think that’s when my love affair with boots really deepened. Today I want to look at my fall uniform, with 6 different pairs of boots that I could wear with it to completely change it up. It’s like a great Price is Right round…


 jeans // jacket // shirt // biker chick // apple picking // date night // ladies night // work // brunch

To review, my uniform for fall is: fun jeans, silky top, lots o layers (biker jacket is a must this year – the one above is faux!). I can’t decide which of these boots I want most, I think it’s a tie between the red, green, and blue. What about you all?


what i do + giveaway!

Morning friends!

If you’ve been stopping by LRW for a while, you know more or less what I do outside of blogging (which, at this point, doesn’t generate any income for me). However, if you’re new around these parts, you might not “get” what it is that I do.


“Stylist” can mean a bunch of different things. Maybe sometimes it has a negative connotation. What I want to do is help you sort out your true style – not my style, and not what anyone in the media says should be your style. How do I do that?


The first way is what I like to call a closet makeover or shopping in your closet. There’s probably a better name for it, but I haven’t thought of it yet (suggestions welcome!). I come to you, I go through your stuff (NO judgement), very literally, and together we weed out the items you don’t wear from the items you do (and subsequently donate or sell). I help you reimagine what you’re working with, highlighting great pieces and pairing items together that you haven’t considered yet. Basically, it’s a party. Let us do it!


The second way is a little more formal and a lot more glamourous. Hire me to style your photoshoot or your outfit for an event / job interview / important day. We’ll chat, figure out what you want to do, and I’ll come up with a moodboard for the occasion (it will look like this, or this). We’ll talk it over, maybe purchase some things, probably take some pieces from your existing wardrobe. I’ll revise the board, then we’ll finalize the look(s). If you’re having a photoshoot, I’m happy to be on set with you (more than happy, I love love love it!) to make sure you look you’re best – because DAYUM you’re fine!


With all that being said, I’d love to work with you. You can email me at littleredswell AT gmail DOT com for rates. AND, because I love you all so much, I’m giving away a closet makeover today for free! Just leave a comment below with your favorite item in your closet, and I’ll select one winner at random on Friday! Can’t wait to work with you! xo


image 1 and 3 by Victoria Gloria, image 2 and 4 by Ashley Caroline. all shots above styled by moi!

emmy best dressed and my fall outfit

Good morning friends!

I feel obligated to run through a few of my favorites from last night’s Emmy Awards, if only to fully appreciate the ladies who shut it down.

There were a lot of good looks last night. I didn’t see  a whole lot of dresses I wasn’t a fan of, but in no particular order, these were my favorites:

Uzo Aduba in Christian Siriano



How amazing does she look? Everything is perfect from the hair to the makeup to her dress…and that color on her is divine. I adore and respect her work so much, and l love seeing her killing it here.

Julia Roberts in Elie Saab

66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals


I’m not a huge fan of Julia Roberts but I love this dress so much. I love the grey navy color, and her legs…please.  The skirt is the perfect length, and neckline is just low enough, and I adore the long sleeves. Bravo, Julia!

Kiernan Shipka in Antonio Berardi



This little lady is FOURTEEN, and she already has the red carpet formula down pat. Her looks are always rounded out and a little retro. She looks amazing here, that’s it.

January Jones in Prabal Gurung

66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

I never get tired of seeing January Jones on the red carpet. She is consistently one of my favorites and this look is no exception. This dress could have gone the princess-y route, but I love that she toned the look down with her  bold makeup and casual (I can’t think of a better word) hair.

Today I’m officially back to work at my day job and like I said yesterday, I’m excited to be back into a routine (and normal eating habits!). As thankful as I am for this mild summer, I am more than ready to experience fall in all of its crispy splendor. I’m ready for JEANS and layers and layers and oxfords. Tell me, what is your go to outfit for fall?



images via Just Jared.

silk for fall

Please excuse that post title – I’m a little rusty over here.

I’m so excited to be back and into the swing of things; I can’t wait to give you guys some great stuff this week, and before I delve into a vacation recap, I want to show you all what has been on my mind.

As soon as we started wrapping up our stay in Costa Rica, I started thinking about fall. Maybe it’s the little Allie in me who used to get so excited for the start of school (after my mom and I went shopping one year I laid out all my new outfits and wrote down which pieces could be mixed and matched), but I love this season change more than any other. At our beach house, there was a little chill in the air during mornings and at night – it’s this amazingly bittersweet way to day goodbye to summer.

Anyway, I was browsing around the internets and I came across rag and bone’s fall line (if you’re a regular here, you know I’ve been hesitant to acknowledge fall this summer):




Right!? Normally I think of wool and flannel and layers when I think of fall, but this flowy top with the sexy cut out is such a great way to transition. The buffalo check pattern would pair perfectly with a wrinkled button down, slouchy cardigan, and leather jacket. Or throw it on top of a beige turtleneck and a pair of black skinny jeans. Either way, I think I’ll be adding some silk into the rotation this fall.


Speaking of skinny jeans – I keep reading about the death of skinny jeans this fall. I resent that comment. It’s as if we’re all going to wake up on September 1st and spit at the contents of our denim collection. I think, if you like them (as I do!), keep wearing them, and when you feel a pull towards a different style, go for it! Okay, rant done. :)

See you guys tomorrow xoxo


picture of the week [11]


We’re back! Well, sort of. Raven and I landed at 9pm last night and are headed out at 8am this morning for my family’s beach house in Old Lyme, CT. Total 360 we’re doing, in the best way. Charlie is going to meet his furry cousin, Teddy, this weekend, and we’re anxious to see how they get along and are hopeful they’ll be romping in the creek at some point! I have so much to share with you guys (pictures, etc from CR) but that will have to wait until Monday. I couldn’t resist popping in and sharing my favorite links from this week. Hope you have a fantastic weekend planned, see you Monday! xo

I started reading this over vacation and I’m in love.

This is the creamiest lipstick ever – my new favorite.

ASOS is having a HUGE sale right now! NBD, I bought this.

What do you all think of the new app Spring? I’m on the fence so far.

Name your price. Really.

Jenna Lyons’ office is perfection.

In love with my girl Ashley’s new blog post. I want to blow up one of these photos and hang it in my living room!

Bye for now :)


image via.

picture of the week [10]


This week inadvertently turned into travel week, so I had to finish it up with a beautiful picture of Costa Rica! Raven and I are getting so excited for the trip, it’s all we’ve been talking about. Today, I’m getting a gel manicure at this place, which my friend recommended. Any fun ideas for the manicure?  I haven’t decided whether or not I’ll be posting next week, but I’ll be sure to Instagram some pictures, so please follow along! What are you up to this weekend? I hope you have a wonderful one, and here are a few of my favorite links this week:

Affordable summer wines.

Kerry Washington is perfect.

Another shopping app. Hmm.

Advice for getting paid as a creative.

How sexy is this dress? (eco friendly clothing line!)

A series of photographs depicting anxiety. I thought this was awesome.

I want to get my hands on a few of these tees.

How to buy art.



image via.

the ultimate packing list

As I’ve mentioned, Raven and I leave for Costa Rica on SUNDAY! We are so excited, especially with what was a very scary passport snafu behind us!

In deciding what to pack for this trip, I wanted to reduce the pieces I bring and just bring better things, and I wanted to share my list with you!

Hope you enjoy!



1. Cozy Workout Wear – Raven and I plan on taking a hike and attending yoga class, so I’m bringing a workout shirt and pants with me. My feet always get cold on planes, so I’ll wear my sneaks during the flight.

2. Classic every day outfits – I plan on spending 95% of the trip in my bathing suit, but for lunches / exploring, etc, I’m bringing one classic tee / one graphic tee, and 2 pairs of jean shorts. Bandana is for sunny days / sweaty brow / looking good in general.

3. I wish I could pack this little guy. He hopped up while I was shooting this and I didn’t have the heart to make him get down.

4. Turkish Towel – I’m so excited about bringing this to the pool and the beach, and will be using it to keep warm on the plane!

5. Tieks! Paramount for comfort, I’ll put these on when we land / where them around the resort. They’re great for walking and look how nicely they fold up!

6. Bikini – I only have one, so this year I sprang and purchased one by Norma Kamali, which is the epitome of classic, and is super flattering.

7. Sandals – I’m sure I’ll dress up for dinner one night, and I’ll wear these when I do. Aren’t they the perfect summer sandal? (not pictured- Birks!)

8. Fancy Dinner Outfit – I’m on the fence as to whether or not I bring a dress on this trip. These flowy pants from target and simple backless tank would be the perfect amount of sexy, but part of me wants to bring a dress. We’ll see!

9. Unmentionables – I’m bringing one nude strapless, one lacy bralette, and the best thongs. I put them all in a zippered pouch for travel, then put the dirty pairs back in the pouch over the course of the trip.

Aside from the above, I’ll be bringing the following:

- Sunblock

- Bronzer

- Eyeliner

- Creamy Lipstick

- Moroccan Oil

- Antibiotics, Benadryl and Tylenol (I’m insane but you never know!)

- Hand Sanitizer

- Snacks to bring to the beach

I’m so excited! Oh, and I dyed my hair…check it out!


It’s definitely crazy bright and will take some getting used to but I love it. What do you think?

Happy Thursday! xoxo

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